Bradford, PA

Serving The Bradford, PA Area

Bradford is located in Northern Pennsylvania, close to the New York State border. This area is home to a variety of manufacturers including Zippo, a collectible pocket lighter company, and Case, a maker of collectible knives. It is also home to Bradford Regional Medical Center and the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. 

One common aspect that these places share include the need for computers. Through fulfilling orders, keep track of products, logging patient information, typing papers, or retrieving lecture notes, students and business workers are using computers daily. If something should happen to their computers, it could throw off progress and efficiency. If you are in need of computer repairs in the Bradford, PA area, rely on the team at Shawley Office Equipment Inc.


Our techs understand what a broken-down computer can do for your business. That is why we offer quality computer repairs to help get you up and running again. Whether you are in need of regular computer maintenance, virus removal, security or network upgrades, or more, count on us. Computers should have regular maintenance to perform their best. By not maintaining your computer, you could suffer from program crashes, freezing systems, slow performance, and more.

Malware is a great threat to computers as it can damage a computer system without consent. Our computer repair services include help removing any malware found on your computer. To prevent malware situations, it is important to have proper internet security.  Contact our computer repair team today for information or to set up services.
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